Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evergreen Lake - August 16 2008

This was the maiden voyage of my new Perception Carolina 145! After some frustrating adjustments to my brand new Seals spray skirt I was off and paddling. The new boat has great primary stability without being a tank. Then again, after the hassle I went through getting it legal for Illinois waters I was just glad it didn't sink!

Evergreen Lake was really nice and the weather was perfect.

Indian Independence Day was being celebrated nearby and the park was filled with rather exotic music for Central Illinois.

After I got into open water a little bit I did have some weather-cocking issues that surprised me, but it wasn't anything that required a rudder at this point. If I ever find myself on big water in this boat, that might be an issue. I haven't tried out the rudder yet though, I've always been a skeg snob, but I'll have to get over that now.

Being several feet smaller than the full sized boats I'm used to, the Carolina seemed to turn on a dime. I appreciate the stability the multi-chined hull gives, and could immediately feel a strong secondary stability as I did some quick low braces. I'm sure at some point I'll outgrow this, but for now it's great!

This is a surprising look for me. I'm done after a day of kayaking, and I'm perfectly dry. Did I mention how stable this boat was? I'm going to have to dump it on purpose next time so I can do some rescues with it, but for now I'll enjoy the dry landing.