My Story

In 2007 I was dying. I was successful in my professional life and seen as an expert in my field, but I weighed over 400 pounds at 30 years old. At least I think I did. I couldn't find a scale with the capacity to weigh me. I wore size 52 jeans. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and couldn't walk a block without gasping for breath. I was so heavy that when I fell on an icy sidewalk in 2005 the impact tore the tendons connecting my quads to my kneecap off, requiring surgery that left me with arthritis in my knee. Being fat was killing me, and I wasn’t even 30 years old. The statistics said I was going to die. People don’t come back from back from where I was.

This was me then:



But I did come back. I beat the odds. Now I’m over 220 pounds lighter, my blood pressure is perfect, and I’m a triathlete. I recently completed a half Ironman triathlon. Next year I’ll compete in Ironman Wisconsin.

This is me now:

So how did I do it? Through small, gradual changes. I didn’t wake up one day and say, “I will lose 200 pounds.” That goal is too big. Instead, I committed to eating healthy one meal at a time, getting some exercise each day, and making each small choice a healthy one in the moment. Slowly, over 3 years, the weight came off as I walked a path that leads towards the person I am supposed to be. I’m still walking that same path today, with each day and each choice hopefully becoming a better version of me, one healthy decision at a time.


  1. You have a great story. Thank you for sharing it!! God has blessed you this far he will continue to move through you.

  2. I just thought you might wanna know.My Dear friend is 369 lbs. She was so overwhelmed with what she could and couldn't do or eat etc. I remembered this blog and brought her over to read it. She is now walking most afternoons,cutting back on her food intake some and reading her lables. We are going to the grocery store sunday after church so I can help her pick out some better foods.Small changes....

  3. Thanks angel, that's really great. I wish the best for your friend, thanks and keep me posted. I did it and she can too!

  4. great job, 3 years so long time, makes me calm down, thanks

  5. I just read about you in the Times Press. What an inspirational story. So glad to read a positive story in the news!

  6. I GOT A BIKE!!!
    Look how long it took! It's 17 years old though.But I don't care. I've wanted one for so long now and everytime we would get a few hundred we had to use it on something else. I havn't given up on a nice new , shiny one but for now, I'm sooo happy!
    I didn't know how else to share this with ya'll so you don't have to approve it or anything. I wait for you to put something new up always and really appreciate how real you are.

    1. That's fantastic! How cool, I'm so happy for you! And the fact that it's 17 years old makes it even cooler! Every cyclist wants an old steel road bike, they're very hip :)

      Anyway, I hope to hear alot about your cycling adventures! I've been slow with the posts lately but you can always email if you need me. mike.bernico(at)gmail