Monday, August 24, 2009

Bib # Assigned


6 days and counting...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

High Water Mark

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've honestly been way too busy to blog lately. So here's the story for now:The Chicago Oly is on 8/30, which is 12 days away. I have been training ALOT. In fact, last week was the high water mark of said training. Last week’s training looked like this:

Monday: Bike 23 Miles

Tues: Ran 4.65 Miles AM / Swam 1500M PM

Wed: Ran 2 Miles Noon / Swam 2800M Open Water

Thurs: Ran 6.01 Miles

Fri: Off

Sat: Bike 42.5 Miles

Sun: Ran 7.27 Miles

Total Swim: 4300M

Total Bike: 65.5 M

Total Run: 20 M

Total Training Hours: 10

Here is the thing about training 10 hours a week though. It isn't really 10. Add in all the time you spend going to and from the pool/pond, bike maintenance time, recovery time, etc and this becomes a major time commitment. While this was the high volume week for my current plan, it will be "just another week" in a 70.3 plan, which makes me nervous about taking things to the next level in 2010. We will see about that, but the September Mattoon half ironman is a strong possibility at this point.

Another trick to maintaining this level of training is getting enough nutrition and sleep. If you mess up either (or both) of those you might keep it together for a day, but you won't keep it together for a week... I've found that one out the hard way. I'm almost there though... One more week and triathlon season 1 will be at a close. I'm very much looking forward to November's half marathon. The running focus will be great for me, the intensity will be much lower, and cutting back to 6 workouts a week will feel like heaven. Just trying to hold it together a little longer at this point…