Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Graduation Day

Just a few quick updates today:

  • I've finally broken the 150 mark on total pounds of weight lost. That's a goal I've had for some time, because I've wanted to say that I've lost as much as the average professional cyclist weighs. Looking back, I'm not sure why that was important to me. Oh well, I'm here.
  • I've officially graduated from the Couch 2 5k Plan. I can run, very slowly, for 30 minutes without stopping. That's pretty cool.
  • Also running related, I was hoping to break 11 minute miles by Jan 1, but it didn't happen. Missing a goal sucks. I hope to not make a habit of it. The important thing is that I put out every bit of effort I could have on that last run. In the end, it averaged out to about 11:06/mile. On thanksgiving day I ran/walked a 5k at a 12:37/mile pace, so I've seen alot of improvement in the last month anyway. Of course, after my run I heard two guys discussing their 19 minute 5Ks, because karma must have felt I needed some salt in that wound. :)
That's all for this year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Put That Away!

Attention Male Gym Members:

While I understand that some nakedness is required in the locker room of a gym, I would very much appreciate it if that could be kept to a minimum as required by the situation. Additionally, it is so NOT OKAY to attempt to converse with me about Seinfeldian topics whilst standing there completely naked. It's also not ok to stand in front of the mirror slowly combing your hair while complete naked. It is especially not okay to sit your naked ass on a bench, cross your legs guy style, and talk politics, even if said conversation is not directed at me. This behavior is both disturbing, and really freaking common. In fact it has lead me to believe that most males have no sense of modesty at all. Seriously, put it away!

While being very fat for a very long time (as opposed to current state: being a normal amount of fat for a short amount of time) has probably done irreperable harm to my self esteem, I am very happy that it has instilled in me a sense of modesty. Sure, I may be incredibly self concious while wearing my swim attire, but at least I'm not rejoicing in my middle+ aged nakedness like every other neoprimate in the locker room. I don't come from an athletics background, so I don't know if this is the norm, but I personally find it extremely weird.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


People often ask me where I find the motivation to exercise so frequently. The thing is, motivation doesn't have much to do with it. Exercise is something I have to do. It's not optional, and it isn't something that I can negotiate on with myself.

It's snowy, icy, and 14 degrees out. It would have been easy to stay home and be warm tonight. Instead, I threw my running shoes on and went to the gym and got my run in. Cold isn't really part of the equation, neither is comfort, or the inevitable pain that comes after a run for a big guy.

Some days it's hard though. I'll always do it, but sometimes I just want to phone it in and not push as hard as I should. For those days I remember where I've come from, and how easily I could fall back into those habits if I give myself the smallest chance. I remember my friends and their unending support, encouragement, and inspiration. I remember all the people that for some reason find me inspiring. Lastly, I remember the people that are waiting for me to fail.

So here is my advice on motivation. If your thinking about exercise is correct, then you don't need motivation to do it. You already know it's something you have to do. It isn't negotiable. Since you're doing it already, you might as well push as hard as you can. Remember all the people counting on you, and push even harder. Then remember all the people counting on you to fail, and push harder still.

Or, more succinctly said:

"Unless you feint, puke, or die...keep walking" --Jillian Michaels

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Is...

  • A taser for the woman at the gym making me wait for a treadmill while she walks 2mph and talks to her friend on her cellphone.
  • A new set of Zipp wheels, because the Dr. says I'm good to go for triathlons next year!!!
  • A good home for my snow blower, because snow blowers are for old Mike. New Mike doesn't pass up free opportunities to exercise.
  • Dry roads, because running on the treadmill (even after tasering the woman in the first bullet) is crazy boring.
Sorry for the lack of posts, but there isn't anything real exciting going on right now beyond my previous Doctor news. Oh yeah...and current weight is 234, so that make it -146 pounds. Base building, riding indoors, running indoors, swimming indoors...everything ends in indoors right now.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Triathlon Schedule

Pending doctor approval, I'm planning on moving beyond club rides this next summer and I'm going to try to compete in a few triathlons.

Currently the situation is like this: Biking = good, swimming = fun but not so good, running = bad.

I'm working on the running now (11:20 minute miles). I'm hiring a coach for swimming. Lastly, I'm trying to keep my biking at least where it is, but biking a tri sprint is a lot different than riding a club ride. It's a shorter distance, but much faster paced, which is a different type of training all together.

My current triathlon plans look like this:

4/26 Sullivan Triathlon Priority A
6/6 Tri-Shark Triathlon Priority A
6/13 Rockman Sprint Tri Priority C
6/21 Metlife Duathlon Priority C
7/18 Evergreen Lake Tri Priority B
8/9 Naperville Sprint Triathlon Priority C
8/30 Chicago Triathlon (Sprint) Priority A