Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kayaking Break - Cisco Live June 08

This was Cisco Live 2008... If you work in telecommunications, it's the place to be every summer.

In addition to a great conference, I was lucky enough to find a place to kayak. In addition to normal conference activities, on this particular day I managed to kayak, peddle this strange bike/car thing, spin 30 minutes, get my normal weight routine in, and drag myself up 40 flights of stairs while being motivated "Biggest Loser" style by my friend CJ. It was the only formal exercise I got in during that trip, but that was a very active day!

While not exactly "big" water, this was a pretty cool kayaking trip! We were lucky enough to discover the Disney Frontier Resort while attending Cisco Live 08 and managed to find an hour to paddle around the Frontier Resort's man made lake, while taking a break from "The Power of Collaboration."

Sit on Tops aren't really my thing, and I'm pretty sure Disney kayak paddles are made of a steel fence post with blades on either side, but there is no bad kayaking trip. This goes double for a kayaking trip that was just a happy extra on a business trip.

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