Saturday, December 19, 2009

Swim Test: 1000m TT

My season begins on 1/25 so I'm starting to gather some initial performance data and track my progress a bit more scientifically.

Today I did a 1000y Swim TT to get a baseline of my swim speed using a repeatable protocol. 

600y Warmup
1 Minute Rest
1000y Race Pace

Time:  20:45
Rate:  2.05/100y

Last year in my A race I did 2:11/100y so that's a minor improvement, although I'm not sure it really counts because that 2:11 was open water in 53 degree lake Michigan with real race intensity.  There are just too many variables to judge progress using race results, so I'm going to attempt to use this method to judge my progress.  I'm planning on retesting every time I change periods in my training plan, based on Joe Friel's suggestions in The Triathlete's Training Bible.  By the way, I'm going to be using the Training Bible exclusively for this season's training plan development.  More on that later.

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