Friday, January 15, 2010

Strength Training for Endurance...

As triathletes, we know we should be strength training.  We can all benefit from additional strength and flexability.  That being said, time is our most valuable resource and when I'm short on time strength training is the first thing to go.

With that being said, I need a strength routine that is fast, holistic, and sport specific.  What I've come up with a routine I can do at home to support swimming, biking and running.  It's also based on the kettlebell.  If you haven't heard of or used kettlebells, thats okay, they're a pretty new thing.  According to a coworker they look like "Fred Flinstone Weights."  They do their job though!

So, here is my "quick strength training for triathletes" routine.

Stability Ball Crunches w/Twists
Kettlebell Lunges
Kettlebell Swings (I do two arms, then alternating arms, then two arms again)
Kettlebell Clean
Kettlebell Presses
Kettlebell Snatches (I'm still working up to doing more than about two of these...)
Pushups (sometimes...sigh...)

Thats it.  It can be done in about 20 minutes, and it is fairly holistic.  The cleans, presses and snatches get most of the major upper body muscles we use.  The lunges and swings address my quads and hamstrings, which are weaker than they should be after my weight loss.  The core exercises are the most important, as a strong core is key for swimming, biking, and running. 

I'm not a personal trainer or a strenght training expert, but it's better than nothing!

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