Sunday, May 23, 2010

AIDS Walk/Run for Life -22:49

I decided to run the Aids for Life 5k the night before as an opportunity to test and reassess where I am with my running.  It was a small, low key race on a perfect morning, near home.

There isn't much to say about 5ks for strategy.  I just run as fast as I can, and try to hold on when it starts to hurt.  For the most part I'd rather run 10 miles than a 3k.  I don't enjoy running at that level of intensity. 

Things went well though.  I got 2nd in 30-30M, 5th overall, (there were only 32 runners) a new PR, and my first trophy!  I improved on my previous PR by about a minute.  I'm of course really happy about my performance, but I'm not really a 5k racer.  I do use these numbers to set my VDOT scores for my pace training, so the data is important to my overall goals. 

After a brief cool down and some food I got a 2 hour zone 3 bike in.  It was a great training day all in all. 

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