Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Pats 5k. 22:09

The race season has officially began.  Lana and I ran in the Bloomington/Normal St. Patrick's Day 5k today.

I had a pretty good day.  I ran 22:08, improving on last year's 25:03.  I've been working hard this winter on my run, and it seems as if that work is starting to pay off.  I pushed pretty hard today.  In the last 800m I gave myself permission to vomit, and started wondering what that Jimmy John's I ate for lunch was going to look like on the pavement.

I'll have more about the off season coming up in my next post, I have lots to report but that warrants it's own post. 

My plan is to run my daniels E pace for IMOO, so today I earned the right to run a 9:28/mi marathon on the big day.  Can I hold that together?  Who knows, but it's at least a target to shoot at.