Monday, April 23, 2012

Rev3 Dells 70.3 Run Course Preview

So, I figured I should follow up my bike course preview with a preview of the run course.  This one is short and sweet compared to the bike.  Here's the low down...

Overall Impressions
The run course guessed it...hilly.

Out of T1 you're mostly in the city until you hit County Hwy A at about mile 1.62

County Hwy A starts a long long uphill section at probably 4% - 6% grade?  The course is mostly an out and back run, so you get to run back down again later.

12/23  The course turns back on to 12/23 at around 2.5  It's a downhill to 13.

At US 13, which is the main road over the river and into the downtown dells area.  It's mostly a gradual uphill after the bridge

At about 4.5 miles your through downtown and, after a brief reprieve there is a short ascent, and then a descent until around mile 6.

We only wanted 10 miles so we didn't scope out the out-back on vine to mile 8, we turned at mile 5.  For the rest, imagine everything I just said, except backwards.  :)

It's a pretty straight forward, but not easy, run course and I imagine it will be pretty cool running through downtown on race day.

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