Sunday, January 25, 2009

CFS Frosty 5k 1/24/2009

If I were to sum this race up into one word, that word would be "cold." It was very very very cold. Before even factoring in the 8 mph winds, it was only about 4 degrees F.

I'm not completely sure why I'm standing so straight in that picture, but it may be that I was frozen that way. Yeah, I know there was a guy behind me in shorts, but I promise it really was cold!

It was also rather icy. About .1 miles in another runner fell, and I fell avoiding her. That certainly didn't help my time. I learned two lessons about ice in this race though. 1. Wear your Yak Traks, even if it was warm the day before. 2. Ice is hard to see when you're running, especially in a shaded area.

CJ and Michelle (who both got 3rd in their age groups!) were both there with their families and Jayme was there doing the 2 mile walk with William. That certainly made for the best post race event I've experienced.

Quantitative Analysis
Without seeing the official times, based on when I crossed the line, it appears that I missed third place by less than a minute. Bummer. On the up side, it was the best 5k I've ever ran, coming in at 31:53, which brings me to 10:16/mile. My last timed 5k was in November, and I finished that one in about 38 minutes. Substantial improvement for sure. Second place in my age group was 26 minutes however. I'm not likely to be that fast this year, but maybe next year.

Qualitative Analysis
After every event I always ask myself "Self, was that it or could you have put out a little bit more?" Well, that was it. I left everything I had on the race course. In the very small group of contestants that consists only of me, this was definitely a first place run.

Goal for Next Race
My next race is an indoor tri, so I'm not sure what to take forward from this race to that one, since the format is so completely different. I'm going to go into that race with an open mind, and just see what happens, since it's my first multisport race.

The event after that should be the Miller Park 5k on 3/7. Based on today, my goal is to finish that race in 31:02 or shorter, which would break me into the high end of 9 minute miles.

Detailed BT Race Report

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