Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Very Good Day

Some days everything just lines up and things just work. Friday was one of those days.

My plans were to do an easy brick. I would run 2 miles, as fast as I wanted, and then I'd swim 2x100m freestyle/breast stroke, 2x50 drills, 500m endurance, and then 200m cool down/practicing flip turns.

I warmed up a little, stretched a little, and started my run...and while I was out there everything just felt right. Nothing hurt, nothing cramped, and "as fast as I wanted" became very fast for me. Nine laps in (1 mile on my track) my laps were coming in a good deal under 1:10, and I was feeling great, so I ran the second nine at the same pace. My stomach was hurting a bit by the end, but beyond that it was all systems go the entire time. The result was 2 miles in 19:51. That's 9:55/mile. Amazingly fast for me! Now, I just have to be able to run 3 miles at that speed. For the first time since I've been running, I felt like a runner, and it felt pretty good!

I took a few cool down laps after that great run, smiling the whole way, and then switched from running shorts to jammers and hit the pool. After my warm up laps and drills I started my endurance set. Again, things just felt right, almost zen like. I touched the wall after my 500, checked my watch, and almost fell over. I did my 500 in 10 minutes. That's 2 minutes faster than my best time so far!

On the way home I was tempted to buy a lottery ticket. Days like that are rare for sure.

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