Monday, February 23, 2009

Official MITCS Results

19 Laps
.264 Miles

This was my first official swim time ever. That's really cool since alot of pool based Tris all want you to give them a swim time.

6.19 Miles
18.6 Mph

Pretty much what I would have done outdoors actually, given enough flatness and a lack of wind.

18.5 Laps
1.542 Miles

This number was a little off because I was about 1/4 of a mile beyond the half mile mark when time expired. That probably didn't make much of a difference though. I was hoping to be below 10 minute miles, and I met that goal, so I'm happy about that. Running is still my weakest sport by a long shot though. When comparing my results, my performance running sticks out very obviously, but then again I'm lucky to be able to run at all considering my crappy knees. Anyway, I've got to improve here, but it isn't something I can really rush. It's just going to take time. Strategically, the best thing I can do immediately (this season) for my running is getting faster on the bike.

4/4 in my AG, .168 behind third place. :(
91/153 Overall, Middle Third... :)

I am really beginning to hate results like this. Two guys in my AG kicked my butt. I'm totally fine with that, the one in my wave was an amazing athlete for sure. Missing out on a medal by a fraction of a percent stinks though.

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