Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Race Shirts

I'm pretty sure that most race shirts must be designed by a committee. How did I come to this conclusion? I don't think that it's possible for a single person to have such awful taste.

In just one short year of doing bike and running events, I've managed to collect some really special race shirts. I have one featuring a prancing elf, one with a gigantic pumpkin, and lastly one with a snowman and a giant heart. Each are really worth of their own paragraph, so lets take a deeper look.

First lets talk about prancing elves. I'm guessing they started with an elf and said "you know, that's not quite emasculating enough, at least 5 male runners might wear it, what can we do? Oh, maybe we could make him hold his elf wife's little yappy dog in a bag. No...no...this is a run, lets make him prance."

Then there is the giant pumpkin shirt. If you think I want to wear a shirt with a giant veggie I happen to resemble on it, you're out of your gourd. (Oh, that's right...I went there...)

And that leaves the piece de resistance, the snowman/heart shirt. It's really the item that inspired this rant. Having come out of the shower tonight, I grabbed a random shirt and headed down stairs before I noticed I was wearing it. Then I realized it...ugh...snow man, big red heart. Why do they even make a shirt like that in male sizes? I look like someone's grandmother. It might as well have a gigantic cat on it.

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