Saturday, March 28, 2009


Results are still pending, but it looks like my time was 29:38, which works out to be about 9:25/mi.

It was pretty cold today...around 37 degrees with 21 mph winds out of the NNE that pushed against us on the "out" part of the out and back course.

CJ and Rob both got a PR today, and CJ ended up with 2nd in her AG! They're both very hard working athletes, which is always very inspiring!

This wasn't the best of races for me. My legs were not feeling strong going into the run, and starting at about 2.6 miles I fought with that "oh hey, I'm going to barf" feeling that occasionally comes with running my HR in zone 4/5 for 30 minutes. I've noticed myself recovering slower lately, and today's performance may be an extension of certainly felt like I needed another rest day.
Why? I'm not completely sure, but I've done some recent trending and I'm loosing weight faster than what is normally considered healthy over the last month.

I may have lost some muscle mass. That's unfortunately a very normal part of weight loss, it can't be avoided but it can be minimized by losing weight SLOWLY. Most doctors advise that a person shouldn't lose more than 1% of their body weight per week. For my "about 200 pound" self, that equates to about 2 pounds a week. My average weight loss has been 3.25 lb/week over the last 4 weeks. Needless to say I'll be monitoring that situation very closely since I'm about a month out from my first A priority race of the season. It seems that my body, for once, is more closely following the BMR/AMR models and I'll likely need to add calories.

This was my first and last run as a Clydesdale. I can't say I'm sad about that. Good riddance to all that fat.

As a reward for a race well run, I got myself another pair of new jeans. While I was out I also tried out a brand shiney new Cervelo P1. Oh My God it's awesome. Riding that bike makes me want to squeel like a 14 year old girl at an NSYNC concert (are they still cool?). It will be mine...oh will be!

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  1. I want updates! Is that for real? 1 pound to go?