Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mission Accomplished.

Q: What do you get if you take my heaviest body weight, subtract an entire Lance Armstrong, and a large frozen turkey?

A: My body weight today!!!

When I started doing this whole weight loss thing I had so far to go that I decided to break it up into chunks and set intermediate goals for myself.

My first goal was to get to 330 pounds. That was a big deal because that was the max weight most scales could measure.

My next goal was 299. I had two big reasons to hit this number. Reason 1, it was a nice to be in the 200s. Reason 2, I could finally paddle a kayak without swamping it. As it turned out, I still swamped the kayak (very embarrassing!) but I was under 300 when I did it! I rewarded myself with kayaking lessons.

My next big goal was 260. When I hit that number I rewarded myself with my Giant OCR2, which was my first road bike. I was officially a biker, and really proud to count myself as a "roadie," which is cyclist slang for someone that rides skinny wheels.

The entire time I was checking off these goals though, I was always saying in the back of my head "if I ever manage to get to 200...I'm getting myself something REALLY good."

That day finally came this Thursday. I finally hit 200 pounds. That's 180 pounds of total weight loss.

And I rewarded myself with a brand new Cervelo P1!!!

Here it is...with zero miles on it!

For you bike people, here are some of it's vital stats:

Frame/Fork/Seatpost: Cervelo TT
Bar-ends: DuraAce
Derailleurs: Ultegra SL
Drive Train: FSA Compact / Ultegra 12-23 / Ultegra Chain / FSA BB
Cockpit: Visiontech (FSA)
Wheels: Shimano R-500 Aero

It was a little cold and very windy out, but there is no power in the 'verse that is going to stop me from taking that first ride!

Finally here I am taking a warm up lap before hitting route 66 to put some real miles on it. There is no question that this bike was built to race. It's fast! I remember being about 10 miles out, holding on to the aeros being a little scared of how fast I was going. I peeked over at my Garmin 305 and saw I was cruising at 25.6 Mph, with only a little bit of a tail wind. I'm really looking forward to some calm days to find out what I can average in a TT, but i have a feeling I'm going to gain about 2 Mph with this bike. But beyond just feels great. It feels like success...

My next goal? Well, more on that later...


  1. Hi, it's a very great blog!
    I could tell how much time you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. Kick-A!! Congrats your goal and your new ride!! The bike looks very sweet.


  3. I'm still thinking you should have gotten pink.... and let CJ give you that Hello Kitty bag. It'd be cute ;) Really though, Awesome job!!