Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon 1:25:14.5

Age Group Place: 26/45
Overall: 275/478

Tri-Shark has the reputation of being a really well run, organized, fun race. It was all of those things. It had a mini expo, a cool DJ booth, and good food.

My first open water swim. My wave started with about 86 other people. I swam with a wet suit, although the water temp was 71. The swim went about as well as I could have wanted, although I continue to need practice swimming straight in open water. Sighting is rather tricky, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Distance: 600y
Time: 11:30.2
100y: 1:55

Transition went really well, in and out. Nothing I could do much better really.
Time: 3:02.7

The bike portion is always what I look forward to, and I was really excited for this ride since the wind was very manageable, and would be at my back(ish) for about 6.5 of the miles.

Unfortunately about 4 miles in I started having some really bad cramping in my left calf. I just did the best I could to ignore it, and when I hit hills I stood up in the seat to try and work it out. It was a problem all ride though.

Time: 37:32.0
Distance: 13 Miles
MPH: 20.8!!!!!!

This is when the cramping got really bad! As soon as I entered transition I was hurting ALOT. I made it to my bike, and changed, but my time wasn't so good. T2 took about as long as T1 did, and I didn't have a wetsuit to remove.

Time: 2:53.3

Those cramps plagued me for the entire run, and pretty much ruined my chances at breaking 9 minute miles this race. Thats ok though, 9:46 is respectable for me in a tri, and I am very happy with my bike performance this time.

Time: 30.16.3
Pace: 9:46

Total: 1:25:14.5

As always, a big thank you to everyone that was with me throughout this race and the training that got me here.

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