Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road To Chicago: Week 2

Week 2 of my Oly training is complete. The additional volume isn't so bad. The additional volume + illinois heat and humidity The environment can really take alot out of me. I have to work harder to get done, and I perform less well.

Here is what Week 1/2 looked like:

Week 1
Mon: Swim 1200y + Strength Training
Tues: Bike 38 Miles
Wed: Swim 1200y + Strength Training
Thur: Run 3M
Fri: "Off" (On my off day I did a 5 mile hike at Starved Rock for my birthday)
Sat: Run 4M
Sun: Bike 16 Miles

I had a training partner for my runs this week, which was awesome. It's so much more fun to run with someone else.

Week 2
Mon: Swimming + Strength Training
Tues: Bike 60 Minutes
Wed: Swimming + Strength Training
Thurs: Run 3 Miles (HOT and Humid! Lost two pounds on the run...need to hydrate hard core this summer!)
Fri: Bike 2 Hours 45 Min / 40 Miles (Burnt 2260 cals in a single workout) Swam 200y.
Sat: Run 5.5 Miles / 1 Hour (Slow, but jesus it was hot...I was dying at the end)
Sun: Bike 30 Minutes + Swim (No rest day, taking an extra next week)

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