Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road To Chicago: Week 2

Week 2 of my Oly training is complete. The additional volume isn't so bad. The additional volume + illinois heat and humidity The environment can really take alot out of me. I have to work harder to get done, and I perform less well.

Here is what Week 1/2 looked like:

Week 1
Mon: Swim 1200y + Strength Training
Tues: Bike 38 Miles
Wed: Swim 1200y + Strength Training
Thur: Run 3M
Fri: "Off" (On my off day I did a 5 mile hike at Starved Rock for my birthday)
Sat: Run 4M
Sun: Bike 16 Miles

I had a training partner for my runs this week, which was awesome. It's so much more fun to run with someone else.

Week 2
Mon: Swimming + Strength Training
Tues: Bike 60 Minutes
Wed: Swimming + Strength Training
Thurs: Run 3 Miles (HOT and Humid! Lost two pounds on the run...need to hydrate hard core this summer!)
Fri: Bike 2 Hours 45 Min / 40 Miles (Burnt 2260 cals in a single workout) Swam 200y.
Sat: Run 5.5 Miles / 1 Hour (Slow, but jesus it was hot...I was dying at the end)
Sun: Bike 30 Minutes + Swim (No rest day, taking an extra next week)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is Tri-Shark really like?

If you've never done a triathlon, or if you have but haven't raced tri-shark, check this video out. It really captures the spirit of triathlon!

Check Up

One of my least favorite things to do is go to the doctor. Unfortunately I had to go a few days ago. I wasn't looking forward to it...

When I got there I did the normal weight/vitals stuff and then waited for the doctor. The doctor did his normal doctor stuff, and then, with a huge smile, shook my hand. He told me that what I did was pretty unusual and a very big deal, and pointed out that my heart rate was as low at rest as any athlete he has ever seen (at 60 as I sat on the table, which was high for me), my blood pressure was exactly where it should be (124/70), and I had lost about 60 pounds since my last visit.

He told me he was relocating and wished me luck. On the way out of the office I shook his hand again, and told him good luck in his new position. He stopped me by the nurses station and announced "this gentleman has lost 195 pounds with just diet and exercise." The entire office stopped, and patients, nurses, and other health care type workers all applauded me. It was a little embarassing, but very cool. It beats a prostate exam any day... :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon 1:25:14.5

Age Group Place: 26/45
Overall: 275/478

Tri-Shark has the reputation of being a really well run, organized, fun race. It was all of those things. It had a mini expo, a cool DJ booth, and good food.

My first open water swim. My wave started with about 86 other people. I swam with a wet suit, although the water temp was 71. The swim went about as well as I could have wanted, although I continue to need practice swimming straight in open water. Sighting is rather tricky, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Distance: 600y
Time: 11:30.2
100y: 1:55

Transition went really well, in and out. Nothing I could do much better really.
Time: 3:02.7

The bike portion is always what I look forward to, and I was really excited for this ride since the wind was very manageable, and would be at my back(ish) for about 6.5 of the miles.

Unfortunately about 4 miles in I started having some really bad cramping in my left calf. I just did the best I could to ignore it, and when I hit hills I stood up in the seat to try and work it out. It was a problem all ride though.

Time: 37:32.0
Distance: 13 Miles
MPH: 20.8!!!!!!

This is when the cramping got really bad! As soon as I entered transition I was hurting ALOT. I made it to my bike, and changed, but my time wasn't so good. T2 took about as long as T1 did, and I didn't have a wetsuit to remove.

Time: 2:53.3

Those cramps plagued me for the entire run, and pretty much ruined my chances at breaking 9 minute miles this race. Thats ok though, 9:46 is respectable for me in a tri, and I am very happy with my bike performance this time.

Time: 30.16.3
Pace: 9:46

Total: 1:25:14.5

As always, a big thank you to everyone that was with me throughout this race and the training that got me here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tri-Shark Details

For everyone coming to spectate at Tri-Shark this weekend:

Directions: Click Here

I'll be at the race at approx. 6:30 AM.

I'm starting in Wave 3, at 8:06AM. I'll be starting with about 86 other people.

Swim Cap Color: White
Number: 123

Other Ways To Pick Me Out:
Wetsuit: Black/Red with "Nineteen" written on it
Clothes: Light Blue Jersey / Grey Shorts
Bike: Red/Silver with the word "Cervelo" on the down tube - Red/White/Blue helmet

Please remember spectators are NOT allowed in transition.