Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Wheels

Just in time for the 2010 season, I've made some bike upgrades.

The first one, not shown here, is my new aero helmet.  I got a Giro Advantage from Lana for Christmas, which is awesome!  It looks odd, little kids point, older kids laugh, but that's makes me fast!

Upgrade 2 is my rear wheel.  It's a DT Swiss 585 built by (an awesome company with great customer service) It has a custom cut disc cover and a Powertap Elite+.

Upgrade 3 is my front wheel.  It's an 09 SRAM S80 Aero Wheel.  Wow is it fast once it spins up.  It can make crosswinds a bit challenging though.

Upgrade 4, new tires.  This is minor, but since I'm typing I might as well throw this out.  I recently changed to Michelin Pro Race 3s, which kick the rubbery ass of the stock slicks that came on the P1. 

All this sweet new gear resulted in a 30 Minute TT at an average speed over 22 Mph.  I'm excited to race it all for real!

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