Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon 1:16:51.1

Note:  Since this is my second year doing Tri-Shark, I've put last years results in parenthesis for comparison.

Age Group Place: 11/36  (26/45)
Overall: 124/ (275/478)

The water was a warm 73.  The start was very crowded, and there was quite a bit of contact.  I was a bit slower than last year...I'm guessing because of the crowd, but also my Garmin showed that I swam over 700y, so the course may have been long or I could have just not been very straight on the course.

Distance: 600y
Time: 11:51.5 (11:30.2)
100y: 1:59 (1:55)


Short course transitions are a weakness of mine.  I had to wear socks because of some blisters, that doesn't help.  I also don't do that flying mount thing.  I have lots of room for improvement here, and my time vs. my AG time shows it.  I can probably pick up one or two spots in my AG place by being faster in T1. 

Time: 2:46.1 (3:02.7)

Again, traffic.  I had a hard time getting up to speed and getting around people.  Perhaps I should have ridden more aggressive, but after my recent crash I'm a bit gun shy.  Overall, I had a good bike split, riding just a bit under my current FTP of 230W. 

Time: 35:02.8 (37:32.0)
Distance: 13 Miles
MPH: 22.3 (20.8)
Normalized Power: 223W


My T2 went better than T1, but I have lots to improve on here as well.

Time: 1:18.8 (2:53.3)


This was my biggest improvement from last year.  I ran about 3 minutes over my 5k PR, about 20 seconds / mi under my threshold pace.  I'm not trained for running over threshold right now as my focus has been running long and slow.  I'm pretty much OK with how my run went. 

Time: 25:51.9 (30.16.3)
Pace: 8:20

My AG is tough, no doubt, but I also have alot to improve on as an athlete.  In order to perform better in future sprints I'm going to have to get much better in transition, be a bit more aggressive, and do some VO2 work on my run.  

That being said, I was about 9 minutes faster this year over last.  That's pretty awesome for a short course race!  I've improved alot, and I can improve alot more next year...

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