Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marathon Update

This weekend I'll be running in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.  A fall marathon has been in the plan for a while now, but my goals are pretty modest (finish, don't die in the process) so I haven't really mentioned it.

Anyway, this Saturday I'm going to give 26.2 a shot.  My bib number is 2223 if you care to watch from afar.  You can use this link to follow us.  Lana is running the half, and her number is 6640.

In other news, I have a bunch of friends that will be doing IMFL this weekend.  Best of luck to Tim, Mark, Seth, and Jessica!


  1. Wow, if I were running my first marathon I'd be on about it for at LEAST the last 6 months...

    Good luck!

  2. Make it happen Mike!!!! Can't wait to read about your experience. You'll be a marathon man soon - YEAH!!