Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a great really puts things into perspective.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Wheels

Just in time for the 2010 season, I've made some bike upgrades.

The first one, not shown here, is my new aero helmet.  I got a Giro Advantage from Lana for Christmas, which is awesome!  It looks odd, little kids point, older kids laugh, but that's makes me fast!

Upgrade 2 is my rear wheel.  It's a DT Swiss 585 built by (an awesome company with great customer service) It has a custom cut disc cover and a Powertap Elite+.

Upgrade 3 is my front wheel.  It's an 09 SRAM S80 Aero Wheel.  Wow is it fast once it spins up.  It can make crosswinds a bit challenging though.

Upgrade 4, new tires.  This is minor, but since I'm typing I might as well throw this out.  I recently changed to Michelin Pro Race 3s, which kick the rubbery ass of the stock slicks that came on the P1. 

All this sweet new gear resulted in a 30 Minute TT at an average speed over 22 Mph.  I'm excited to race it all for real!

Base 1 - Done

I did it...base phase 1 complete.  Wow, what a month it's been!

Week 1: 10.5 Hours

Monday - 6M Run + 2200Y Swim
Tuesday - 1 Hour Trainer Ride
Wednesday - Long Run 9 M
Thursday - Run 6M + 15 Minutes Strength
Friday - Bike 2.5 Hours Trainer Run 3 Miles
Saturday - Bike 1 Hour 2x20 minute FTP intervals
Sunday - Swim 1 Hour + 30 Minute Easy Bike

Week 2: 12 Hours

Monday - Run 5 M AM / Swim 2200Y PM
Tuesday - Trainer Ride 1 Hr Hard
Wednesday - Swim 2200Y AM / Bike 1 Hour PM
Thursday - Run 6 M+ Hill Sprints
Friday - Bike 1 Hour FTP / 6M Progression Run
Saturday - 10 Miles Run  (Includes a 5k PR @ 24:39!!!)
Sunday  - Bike 2.5 Hours Trainer (ugh)

I was starting to feel the extra volume this week, but I'm adapting well overall.  I had a great race at the Miller Park Stampede, with a new 5k PR. 

Week 3:  13.5 Hours

Monday - Run 45 Minute AM / Swim 2200Y PM
Tuesday - 15 Minutes Strength AM / Bike Hard 1 Hour PM
Wednesday - 1 Hour Swim AM / Easy Bike 1 Hour PM
Thursday - 6M Run Easy AM / Bike 60 Minutes FTP intervals PM
Friday - Run 6 M Progressive AM / Strength PM
Saturday - Bike 3 Hours
Sunday - Run 11 Miles, including St. Pats 5k

I couldn't do 1 a days any more by week 3, it was just too much.  So, I rearranged my schedule and starting working out twice a day...

I was beat by the end of the week.  My 5k was less than stellar at 25:something.  I wasn't crazy about that, but I'll live to fight another day.  We spent that night with the Trisharks eating corned beef and cabbage, which was awesome. 

Week 4:  Easy Week

Monday - Swim 1500Y AM  / Run 3 Miles PM
Tuesday - Easy Bike 70 Minutes
Wednesday - Swim 2200Y AM / Bike 30 Minute Time Trial
Thursday - 4M Progression Run
Friday - 3M Easy Run AM / 1 Hour Bike PM, 6 and 12 Minute TT

The highlight of this week was my Wednesday bike.  I got to try out my new wheels and aero helmet and did 224W on a 30 minute interval.  I was doing  average 22.3 miles per hour, which meant I covered 11ish miles in 30 minutes.  Can I possibly join the < 30 minute 20K TT club?  That would be a huge accomplishement if I could!