Thursday, April 9, 2009

CCHS 5k 4/5/09 28:19.7 PR!

This was the most fun 5k I've run so far! It started out with a kids fun run that I got to do with William. We ran an entire 1/4 mile together, and he was smiling and laughing the entire time. It was the coolest!

As if that weren't cool enough, I got to keep pace with Michelle for around a mile between mile 2 and 3...and the photographers got a picture of it!

Here I am with CJ, Rob, and Michelle at the end of the race. Christine got 3rd in her AG. Michelle got 2nd in her AG.

We were very lucky not to get rained on, as it started pouring about an hour after we got done. The after party was fun, and had pretty decent food. The weather was chilly but the wind was mildish, and the course was flat.

I ran the best 5k I ever have, finishing at 28:19.7, which works out to 9:08Mi. I was 94th place overall, putting at the very very low end of the 3rd quartile, since the median was 93. It was a small race, but being that much in the middle of the pack blows my mind! I was 12th out of 16 overall in my AG, but thats also better than I would have predicted, as I'm typically 4th quartile in my AG. By the way, my guess is that the road runner happens to be a 30-34 M. Wow my age group is fast! Meep Meep!!!

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