Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Race Ready

It's taper week. This means I haven't done anything seriously athletic in about 4 days now. I swam 700m today and ran 2 easy miles yesterday, but beyond that, I've been off my feet.

I'm feeling a little squirrely about the inactivity, but I really think I need this. In the last few weeks before this one I was hurting all the time, exhausted from the moment I woke up, and not wanting to train. All of which are signs of over reaching. I'm still hurting a bit, but the exhaustion is gone now, and I'm wanting to train again. Those are good signs.

In my spare time this week I've been figuring out my transitions, packing a bit, and being a bike mechanic.

In fact I've made some changes to my bike to change it into "racing mode." Since this race is short on the bike I'm mostly hydrating for the sake of the run so I won't be using my hydrotail for this race. On course repairs are allowed however, so I've filled my lightest bottle with a spare tube, my inflator, tire levers and a multitool. It doesn't make sense for me to DNF a race due to mechanical issues. All my hydration is going to be supplied by the 32oz Profile Design Aero Drink on the front of my bike. Given the length of the race that should be more than enough.

Here's my Cervelo P1 all set up for this weekend:

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