Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tri-the-Illini Triathlon 1:14:31.10

Overall the weather was great. It was about 60 degrees out, and the wind was very calm.

AG 17/25
Overall 153/301

Swim 300m
Rank 18
Time 7:26.95
Rate 2:48/100m

The swim went well but I hit some congestion in the last lane. The swim was in a 50m pool at the UofI ARC. It was really cool to swim in a full size pool.

Rank 10
Time 2:10:00

It was a long haul from the pool to T1, and I took it really slow after the whole foot injury from last week.

Rank 6
Time 33:50.65
Speed 19.51 mph

The bike went very well. I pushed very hard and set a new average speed record for myself.

Rank 22
Time 2:30:10

T2 sucked. I was the first bike back on my rack and as I racked my bike the rack fell over. I stood it back up and tried again, but it fell over again. Very frustrating, but completely out of my control.

Rank 24
Time 28:33.40
Pace 9:13/mi

The run was good. Everything about it was nice and it just right. We ran through the quad, which was a very odd as it wasn't at all closed and there were students about doing their normal thing.

Total Time 1:14:31.10

Overall, my time was good. There isn't much I would have done differently. I'm very MOP in everything but the run, and I knew that going into this.

Next up..Tri-Shark!

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  1. U of I was hosting the Illinois High School State Math Contest that day. Those were definitely high school kids running around the quad! I'm currently a student here and trust me after everyone goes out Friday night, Saturday morning does not typically look like that!

    Excellent race though! It was my first triathlon and I only decided to give it a shot about two weeks ago. Very fun, although I plan to actually train for my next one!