Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Is...

  • A taser for the woman at the gym making me wait for a treadmill while she walks 2mph and talks to her friend on her cellphone.
  • A new set of Zipp wheels, because the Dr. says I'm good to go for triathlons next year!!!
  • A good home for my snow blower, because snow blowers are for old Mike. New Mike doesn't pass up free opportunities to exercise.
  • Dry roads, because running on the treadmill (even after tasering the woman in the first bullet) is crazy boring.
Sorry for the lack of posts, but there isn't anything real exciting going on right now beyond my previous Doctor news. Oh yeah...and current weight is 234, so that make it -146 pounds. Base building, riding indoors, running indoors, swimming indoors...everything ends in indoors right now.

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