Monday, December 1, 2008

Triathlon Schedule

Pending doctor approval, I'm planning on moving beyond club rides this next summer and I'm going to try to compete in a few triathlons.

Currently the situation is like this: Biking = good, swimming = fun but not so good, running = bad.

I'm working on the running now (11:20 minute miles). I'm hiring a coach for swimming. Lastly, I'm trying to keep my biking at least where it is, but biking a tri sprint is a lot different than riding a club ride. It's a shorter distance, but much faster paced, which is a different type of training all together.

My current triathlon plans look like this:

4/26 Sullivan Triathlon Priority A
6/6 Tri-Shark Triathlon Priority A
6/13 Rockman Sprint Tri Priority C
6/21 Metlife Duathlon Priority C
7/18 Evergreen Lake Tri Priority B
8/9 Naperville Sprint Triathlon Priority C
8/30 Chicago Triathlon (Sprint) Priority A

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