Wednesday, December 17, 2008


People often ask me where I find the motivation to exercise so frequently. The thing is, motivation doesn't have much to do with it. Exercise is something I have to do. It's not optional, and it isn't something that I can negotiate on with myself.

It's snowy, icy, and 14 degrees out. It would have been easy to stay home and be warm tonight. Instead, I threw my running shoes on and went to the gym and got my run in. Cold isn't really part of the equation, neither is comfort, or the inevitable pain that comes after a run for a big guy.

Some days it's hard though. I'll always do it, but sometimes I just want to phone it in and not push as hard as I should. For those days I remember where I've come from, and how easily I could fall back into those habits if I give myself the smallest chance. I remember my friends and their unending support, encouragement, and inspiration. I remember all the people that for some reason find me inspiring. Lastly, I remember the people that are waiting for me to fail.

So here is my advice on motivation. If your thinking about exercise is correct, then you don't need motivation to do it. You already know it's something you have to do. It isn't negotiable. Since you're doing it already, you might as well push as hard as you can. Remember all the people counting on you, and push even harder. Then remember all the people counting on you to fail, and push harder still.

Or, more succinctly said:

"Unless you feint, puke, or die...keep walking" --Jillian Michaels


  1. Love the new layout on your page! You certainly have more motivation than I do... and congrats on the continued weight loss~oh when is that indoor tri? You know if I was to participate, I'd have to buy new clothes :)

  2. I emailed you the date. I'm assuming that you'd consider a reason to shop a good thing right?

  3. Very well put! Always good to refer to Jillian. When it comes to exercise it should be WWJMD?